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From Daughter Kendra:

My Mother Deanna Minett.
 In remembering and honoring my mother’s life I would like to share with you some of my fond memories. My mother read to me nightly. She would rock me in her rocker. She inspired a love of reading in me, for that I am grateful. She always tried her hardest to make my childhood a magical experience, and boy did she succeed. She made me believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and an assortment of mystical critters. She made a pink canopy bed appear in my room for Christmas. She loved to watch Walt Disney movies. She made me believe that the characters in Disneyland were real. She made the nights when my father was away fun. She loved to eat Fish and Chips, Casper’s hotdogs, shrimp, tempura and chocolate éclairs. She frequently smelled of “Babe” and “Chantilly” perfume.  She was the mom that was always there for Brownies, dance and softball.  She put myself and my father always in front of herself. She was truly selfless and very caring.  She would spend time listening and giving advice to my problems without ever mentioning any of her issues except for an occasional suggestion for me to “bear up“. She called almost every night on the telephone. I will miss sharing the days adventures with her. She always closed each call with “ahoon, tut tut, chow, goodnight and told me and the girls that she loved us”. I will miss those phone calls.

She loved her grandchildren with her entire heart.  Years before they were born she bought books and dresses for them. She spent her last years living for them. As her health declined her love for them grew stronger. When she could no longer read she created stories for them. She cherished the coloring pages and report cards that they gave her. She enjoyed going to the zoo and museums with them and experiencing life from their eyes. She loved to have them cuddle up with her in bed  and have a sleepover. She would tell Brandi and Kassidy stories from the bible and tell us that god was waiting for her to come soon. She would always listen to what you had to say even if what we had to say was stupid. Which mostly it was. She made sure to always have arts and crafts or a special toy for the girls ready for when they came to visit.

She was loving, caring, creative, funny and lively  mother, wife, grandma, and friend. She was a joy to have around.

Kendra, Brandi & Kassidy Rose




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